Are you interested?

If so, I invite you to participate on the project Urban interventions Trencin 2013, which follows similar projects already realized in Bratislava, Prague, Brno and Kosice and which is currently in progress in Jablonec nad Nisou.

Urban interventions offer the possibility to critically observe public places and suggest their improvement. It works as a platform where manifold interests may overlap: city officials as well as citizens, architects and artists, jolly philosophers or top specialists. The project is not supposed to generate profit or bombastic promises. Its aim is to bring changes. At the same time, it introduces further steps and possibilities of the creation of public area. Urban interventions attempt to change the stereotypical distribution of municipal contracts, i.e. they don´t demand financial compensation and don't depend on any official challenges to help the city and its surroundings.

With the cooperation of SPECTRA Center of Excellence which organized the project “Safety as space quality” for Trencin last year, I would like to highlight the output and suggestions from the above mentioned project.

The suggestions of Urban interventions should positively influence the safety of public places, whereby the primary areas of safety are:

Concrete concepts of Urban interventions ought to follow at least one of the above mentioned areas. However, they are to be understood merely as suggestions, not requirements. In 2012, citizens of Trencin pointed out dangerous places in their city which are drawn in the map: "Map of dangerous places". The solution of problems in these specific places is also a challenge for Urban interventions and these places represent a list of possible public spaces suitable for intervention.

All suggestions will be presented in a consistent form.


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This challenge is open. Thank you for spreading it.